The New Apostolic Church details its doctrine of salvation: Exclusive? Yes, but with no claim to absoluteness

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church has more precisely defined its position on salvation and exclusiveness. It now publicly states that the sealed Christians of the New Apostolic Church understand themselves to be the bride of Christ and thus have the opportunity to take part in the return of the Lord. During the Last Judgement, God will once again grant salvation through His Son. All souls who are then able to stand before God will gain entry to the new creation and eternal fellowship with God.

The information evening scheduled on 24 January 2006 in Uster (Switzerland) not only addressed the New Apostolic Church's revised position on Baptism, but also stated the New Apostolic Church's position on exclusiveness and salvation.
The New Apostolic Church clearly rejects the reproach that its doctrine implies a claim to absoluteness, as this is an erroneous conclusion. Ultimately, God offers salvation and redemption to all human beings, even if they have never been members of the New Apostolic Church. Thereby the New Apostolic Church makes it clear that there are also many elements of truth in other churches and that the Holy Spirit is also active outside of the New Apostolic Church. At the same time, the New Apostolic Church rejects any kind of religious fanaticism or fundamentalism!

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24 January 2006