Ordinations and a retirement in Nigeria

Port Harcourt. An extended trip to conduct divine services in Nigeria led Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber to Owerri, Port Harcourt, and Uyo. In the service in Owerri on Saturday, 01.12.2005 he retired Apostle Felix Amah Omeh and ordained Geoffrey Odinakachi Nwogu as a new apostle. David Adjabeng from Ghana received the bishop ministry.

Apostle Felix Amah Omeh (63) retired early for health reasons. He has served as a minister in the New Apostolic Church since 1973, during which time he worked as an apostle for 11 years. Chief Apostle Leber acknowledged his "great and blessed work in the wide-ranging northern and eastern regions of Nigeria."

The hitherto Bishop Geoffrey Odinakachi Nwogu (47) received the apostle ministry in order to carry on the work begun by Apostle Omeh. The chief apostle went on to ordain David Adjabeng (49) a bishop for the District Church of Ghana.

Nigeria is home to approximately 350,000 New Apostolic Christians, and our church in Ghana numbers some 560,000 members. The work of the New Apostolic Church in the two African District Churches is supported by the District Church of Southern Germany. For more details, click here.

Photo: W. Ruppe

7 December 2005