After the hurricane in New Orleans: New Apostolic Church helps with clean-up operations

New Orleans. Efforts are now underway to clean up after the devastating storm and flood catastrophe that shook the southern coast of the USA. New Orleans is to be rebuilt, and the New Apostolic Church has announced it will also take part in the clean-up operations.

As it states on the News page of the New Apostolic Church's USA website, teams of helpers will be sent to New Orleans. These are men and women who have had training in the area of disaster relief. Each team will consist of 13 volunteers: 10 workers, two cooks, and one minister. Each team will be deployed for four to five days at a time. The church is estimating that the teams will be engaged for a total of three to five weeks.

The New Apostolic Church's building in Slidell, around 45 kilometres northeast of New Orleans, will remain open each day throughout this period. The facility will be used to provide neighbours with lunch and dinner.


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The church building of the New Apostolic congregation of Slidell, some 45 kilometres northeast of New Orleans, before the hurricane (photos: Frank Schuldt).

17 September 2005