Firestorm destroys bush village

Mongu, Zambia. A gigantic firestorm has completely destroyed the bush village of Mongu in Western Zambia. Twenty-eight families have been affected, most of them New Apostolic.

Mongu is a village on the Zambezi Plains in Zambia's West Province. The responsible District Apostle Charles Ndandula reports in a fax to the chief apostle that a fire swept through and completely destroyed the village on Wednesday, 24 August 2005. Thirty-four homes burned to the ground within a matter of minutes. Most of the families affected are members of the New Apostolic Church. District Apostle Ndandula writes: "We can thank God that no lives were lost. When the fire broke out the women were all working in the fields and the men were out catching fish". Nevertheless, their losses are staggering: the villagers have lost everything but the clothes on their back.

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber immediately announced that he was prepared to help the villagers. They will first be provided with food and clothing. District Apostle Ndandula has travelled to the affected region in order to personally coordinate the relief effort. The entire village is to be rebuilt.

The New Apostolic Church in Zambia has some 1.2 million members.


6 September 2005