Part One of the Canada Report: Chief Apostle safely landed in Quebec

Quebec. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber arrived safely in Quebec City on Friday evening accompanied by District Apostle Leslie Latorcai and District Apostle Helper Dzur who met him in Montreal. District Apostle Helper John Sobottka welcomed them at the airport.

The youth had already arrived by buses and were being billeted at the Laval University residences. On Saturday they had various activity options including an historic tour, outdoor adventure activities and a whale watching cruise. The Chief Apostle, District Apostle, Apostles and Bishop Wiesel began their tour at the Citadel where they met many youth and together watched the Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

The Chief Apostle and those with him had a private tour of the Memorial for the soldiers of the Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment (Van Doos), where a prayer is said for those soldiers every day. Following that they took a walking tour of Old Quebec City and then joined the young people for lunch at Montmorency Park. The youth were overjoyed that Chief Apostle Leber stopped for conversation and photos with many of them. They said he was "cool" which is a good term according to North American youth. It means they like him and see him as a very admirable personality.

After lunch they continued the tour including a horse drawn tour of lower Quebec City. In the evening they enjoyed an intimate dinner in the upper room of a local restaurant where they could engage in some interesting conversations.

(Cliff Guckenberger, more to come about Sunday)


28 August 2005