News bulletin from Hamburg: Apostle Schumacher has suddenly taken ill

Hamburg. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has just informed us that Apostle Karlheinz Schumacher has suddenly taken ill. He is currently in hospital.

Doctors have advised that Apostle Karlheinz Schumacher will need to submit to an operation over the next few days. For this reason it will be impossible for him to take part in the divine service in Pasewalk on 10 July 2005. His ordination as district apostle for Northern Germany, which had been planned for that day, will now be postponed until after his health has stabilised, said the chief apostle.

The press conference scheduled for Monday, 11 July 2005 in Hamburg has been cancelled as a result.

We wish Apostle Schumacher a speedy recovery.

8 July 2005