Announcement from the chief apostle: Festive retirement for Apostle Khushal

Zurich. Apostle Madan Khushal from Lahore, Pakistan was festively retired in a service on Sunday, 5 June 2005 in Lahore. District Apostle Leslie Latorcai from Canada performed this act by commission of the chief apostle.

The chief apostle shares the following on the subject:

On Sunday, 5 June 2005, District Apostle Leslie Latorcai retired Apostle Madan Khushal, a former district apostle helper, on my behalf in a divine service in Lahore, Pakistan. We wish Apostle Khushal tranquil days of retirement and all that he needs according to body, soul, and spirit, each and every day.

Madan Khushal is 64 years old. For 25 years he worked as an apostle in Pakistan. In 1987 he was also appointed a district apostle helper by the then Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler. In 2001 however, he was compelled to resign this additional commission at the advice of his doctors.


8 June 2005