Retired District Apostle Otto Gerke has passed away

Zurich. Otto Gerke, who served as Australia's district apostle for many years, passed away peacefully at the blessed age of 97 after a brief stay in hospital.

Otto Gerke carried the office of district apostle for Australia over a period of 28 years. Already in 1910, his parents immigrated from Braunschweig, Germany to Brisbane, where they operated a farm. Shortly before his 20th birthday, the then Apostle Dietz ordained him a deacon. Thus he served as a minister in the New Apostolic Church for 57 years.

After his retirement in June 1985 he was permitted to enjoy almost 20 years of tranquil retirement together with his wife.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his three children and their families.
From the life of Otto Gerke:

  • 31.01.1908: Born in Braunschweig, Germany
  • 25.12.1928: Ordained a deacon
  • 28.06.1953: Ordained an apostle
  • 15.11.1957: Ordained a district apostle
  • 09.06.1985: Retired

District Apostle Andrew Andersen conducted the funeral on 27 May 2005 in the Brisbane church.


24 May 2005