Position of the New Apostolic Church on the concept of sin

Zurich. Already in April 2004 the District Apostle Meeting in Zurich ratified a new position on the concept of sin. The new element of this concept was the distinction drawn between sin and guilt.

The basis for defining sin and guilt is the Holy Scripture. Jesus Christ sets the standard by which all are measured. Human beings are not able to define on their own what is sin and what is not. These are some important core statements of the new paper. The elaboration makes clear that the Bible distinguishes between sin and guilt. Thus it is also important for the Church to make this same distinction. Sin is absolute while guilt is relative. This distinction is of great significance for practical pastoral care because the priest can now emphasise the power of grace without trivialising the sin itself.

This position on the concept of sin was presented first to the ministers of the Church, and then later to the members. Now it has also been published on the Internet in English, French and German.


29 April 2005