The 144,000: Position of the New Apostolic Church

Zurich. The number and symbolism of the hundred forty-four thousand have always played a significant role in the history and teaching of the New Apostolic Church. Now the Church has published a comprehensive position on this subject, which reflects the current state of the its doctrinal understanding.

Some core statements of the new position include the following: The number 144,000 is a symbolic number. It is comprised of those souls who will be accepted by Christ at His appearing. As firstfruits they will enjoy the great experience of rapture, and as the bride of Christ they will rejoice in their reunion with the bridegroom of their souls. Only the Lord knows exactly how many souls will comprise this multitude.

In the meantime this position has been published and announced within the Church. Now it has also been published on the Internet in both English, German and French.


15 April 2005