Tsunami disaster: warm thanks to all contributors!

Zurich. Nearly two months have already passed since the tsunami disaster in the South Indian Ocean and still there are missing persons - and still donations are coming in on an unprecedented scale.

To date, well over 350,000 Swiss Francs have been collected in the accounts of the New Apostolic Church Switzerland alone. To start with, the sum of US $100,000 was made available for immediate emergency aid and for the reconstruction of workshops, homes, schools, and hospitals. In addition to this sum of 100,000 Swiss Francs already presented to the "Glückskette", the New Apostolic Church Switzerland will set aside 50,000 Swiss Francs each for "terres des hommes" and UNICEF, along with an additional amount of at least 200,000 Swiss Francs in long-term aid for victims of the seaquake.

Since so many donations have been made specifically for South Asia, the NAC Switzerland is requesting that future contributions not be bound to any particular purpose, so that they may be also be put to use for other charitable purposes both in the interior and overseas (see www.nak.ch/news/news05_2-gb.html).

So far, a total of more than three million Euros have been collected internationally in the various relief accounts of the New Apostolic Church. We have reported on this in several articles. At the District Apostle Meeting in Singapore on 4 February 2005, the chief apostle and district apostles were given a report on the individual donations received and the resulting immediate and long-term aid provided. They extend their heartfelt thanks to all brethren in faith who have involved and dedicated themselves so warm-heartedly on behalf of those in need! In the event that our brethren should wish to continue giving, the Church administration requests that future contributions not be bound to any specific purpose, since so many donations have already been received in response to this disaster.


23 February 2005