Wolfgang Nadolny is the new district apostle for Berlin

Berlin. Wolfgang Nadolny (48) is the name of the new district apostle for the District Church of Berlin and Brandenburg. He thus succeeds District Apostle Fritz Schröder, who was given a festive retirement on Sunday, 16 January 2005 in the congregation of Berlin-Lichtenberg, after serving 46 years in ministry.

Chief Apostle Richard Fehr thanked the retiring district apostle, who will shortly celebrate his 66th birthday, for all his work. Fritz Schröder became New Apostolic at the age of 16. As of 1982 he served as an apostle, and in 1988 he was ordained a district apostle. Our brethren in the distant countries of the eastern part of the world also occupy a special place in his heart. No distance had proven too far for him, no trip too burdensome, said the chief apostle.

His successor is Wolfgang Nadolny. This was no surprise for the brethren in the divine service, since the change in ministry had already been made known to all congregations in November of last year by way of a letter from District Apostle Schröder. District Apostle Nadolny will also be responsible as district apostle for the pastoral and organisational care of Russia and other eastern countries.

Chief Apostle Fehr served the congregation with a passage from Psalm 94:19: "In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul." In reference to this he said, among other things, that we all have to deal with many cares, burdens, temptations, sorrow, and suffering. "But the Lord can and will comfort us again and again through the true and genuine Comforter, the Holy Spirit."

The District Church of Berlin-Brandenburg comprises a total of some 27,000 members in 135 congregations. It also serves more than 48,000 brethren in faith in Russia and other neighbouring states. For more information on the District Church of Berlin-Brandenburg, visit:

18 January 2005