Mourning the dead in Southern Asia

Zurich. Grief and consternation over the many victims of the seaquake catastrophe in Southern Asia marked the last day of the year 2004. Many New Apostolic congregations observed a moment of silence to commemorate the dead, and the district apostles wrote letters that were read aloud in the congregations during New Year's Eve and New Year's Day services.

The critical situation in Southern Asia will still remain a serious dilemma for weeks and months to come. At present it is not yet clear whether any New Apostolic brethren have come to harm. The responsible apostles and administrations in the regions most affected have not announced any deaths to date, but reliable information will not be available for some time.

Donations for victims of the disaster can be made through either NAK-Karitativ ( or other aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church. See for example:

We pray for the dead, the missing, and the survivors.

More details will follow.


31 December 2004