Announcement of the New Apostolic Church on the theory of evolution

Zurich. The New Apostolic church does not view the theory of evolution as a suitable explanation for creation because this theory takes no account of God as the Creator in its considerations. On the other hand, the Church does not see any contradiction to the statements of the Bible in what science tells us about evolution.

Over the last few months, these core statements of the New Apostolic Church's new position on the theory of evolution were explained in detail - first among ministers and then in the context of a number of youth gatherings. The announcement has been printed in the "Our Family" Church magazine (21/2004 edition) as well. A further article is also scheduled for publication in the near future.

The church makes a point of distinguishing between evolution and the theory of evolution: while the theory, as a science, describes the laws governing evolution, it provides no explanation as to the cause of the creation. By contrast, evolution - i.e. ongoing development in animate and inanimate nature—proceeds according to the laws of nature given by God, and thus does not stand in opposition to the statements of the Holy Scripture.

You can read the New Apostolic Church's announcement on the theory of evolution here.


11 November 2004