Announcement: Position of the New Apostolic Church on the 'Evolution Theory'

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church considers the evolution theory not to be an appropriate explanation of the Creation, since the considerations in this theory do not include God as Creator. However, the theory maintains that the scientific findings on the evolution are not in contradiction to the interpretations of the Bible.

These are the core thoughts of the new position of the New Apostolic Church on the evolution theory, recently passed at the District Apostles' Meeting (DAM) in Zurich end of April 2004. The Church consciously discerns between evolution theory and evolution - the theory as a science describes the laws that govern evolution. But it has nothing to say about the underlying causality. Evolution, however - the development of animate and inanimate nature - comes about in accordance with God's natural laws; it does not contradict the interpretations of the Holy Scriptures.

It is intended to publish a detailed statement on this complex topic in the Church magazine "Our Family" and on the internet in the course of the current year.

4 June 2004