Announcement: New Apostolic Church adopts new youth concept

Zurich. End of April, the Church leadership adopted a new and uniform concept for the youth work in the New Apostolic Church. This shall be introduced in steps, at first in the District Churches of Europe and in North America.

Understanding of Faith - Faith in Practice - Counselling: The new concept is composed of these three topics. Among other things, the themes focus on:

  • "New Apostolic - Why?",
  • "The Ten Commandments - as relevant as they have always been",
  • "Intense experiencing of divine services",
  • "Use of New Media" oder
  • "Coming to grips with conflicts and solving problems".

The Church is working on 45 issues, gradually to be made available to the youth leaders in detail and stylised.

Basic thought of youth care is to assist the new apostolic youth by giving them an understanding pastor as personal contact. Uppermost goal: to prepare the young people for the Return of Christ.


4 June 2004