New Apostolic Church adopts new fundamental principles

Zurich. What is the New Apostolic Church? What does the Church teach?  How did it come into being? What is its position toward state and society? In general, such questions and more are answered by the catechism of a given church. To date, no such collection of fundamental principles was available in the New Apostolic Church. The only work on hand was the book "Questions and Answers", which was last revised in 1992. The Church has recently decided to produce a new compilation of fundamental principles.

The book "Questions and Answers concerning the New Apostolic faith" is a manual that has enjoyed a long tradition in the New Apostolic Church. Hermann Niehaus, chief apostle from 1905 to 1930, already worked with it in his day. This book no longer suffices to address the requirements of our days. For this reason, the chief apostle and the district apostles have decided to produce a new collection of fundamental principles. The Project Group "The New Apostolic faith", established expressly for this purpose, is working on the project at full speed, although admittedly, such a "work of the century" will take some time to complete. It will contain detailed positions on different topics, such as the Holy Scriptures as the foundation for New Apostolic doctrine, an explanation of the sacraments of the Church, its understanding of the future, etc.

The important message for now is that the Church plans to dispense with the "Questions and Answers" manual and replace it with the new collection of fundamental principles.

3 June 2004