The New Apostolic Church adopts a new position on the concept of sin

Zurich. Are there "major" and "minor" sins? Can one sin weigh more than another? Questions of this kind have been dealt with by the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles' Meeting (DAM) held in Zurich on April 28 to 30, 2004. The outcome is a new position on the concept of sin which shall be passed on in steps as follows: at first to the ministers of the Church, then to all members and interested parties.

Basis for answering the above mentioned questions is the Bible. The standards to be applied have been furnished by Jesus Christ. Human beings cannot take on themselves what is sinful or not. However, since the Bible makes a distinction between sin and guilt, it is obvious that the Church also adopts this principle: Sin is absolute, guilt is relative. As a consequence, the new position paper on the concept of sin issued by the New Apostolic Church will differentiate between sin and guilt. This is of great significance in practical soulcare. The priest can stress the power of grace without playing down the sin.

It is intended to first instruct the apostles and bishops, subsequently the district and congregation ministers of the Church. In September, a series of articles will be published in our church magazine "Our Family" and on the internet.


2 June 2004