International meeting of webmasters in Hannover The New Apostolic Church seeks to harmonise its Internet activities

Hannover. The New Apostolic Church on the Internet: this was the subject that occupied webmasters from the European District Churches at a meeting in Hannover. Around 30 participants gathered in order to exchange their experiences in this area of public relations work for the church.

Representatives travelled to the meeting from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Nether-lands, and France to discuss the common issue of the church's Internet activities. The New Apostolic Church has been officially online since April 1997, and the individual District Churches have been gradually publishing regional news on their own web sites. In the meantime the network of official New Apostolic Internet information has been developed considerably. The meeting, which took place in the offices of the NAC Hannover, has given the impetus for greater harmonisation. Thus, new common guidelines will soon be in place to better co-ordinate international, national, and regional Internet activities.

Our link at offers an overview of the Internet sites of the New Apostolic Church around the world.


12 May 2004