For Confirmation 2004: ... and surrender myself to Thee, O Triune God!

Zurich. Three 4's - In many New Apostolic congregations this year‘s confirmation services will take place on 4 April. Again young New Apostolic Christians will step up to the altar to give their confirmation vow, promising their loyalty to God: "I renounce Satan, and all his work and ways, and surrender myself to Thee, O Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in belief, obedience, and the earnest resolution to remain faithful to Thee until my end. Amen." A year of Confirmation Instruction lies behind them — the beautiful time of youth ahead of them.

It is a beautiful tradition in the New Apostolic Church that the chief apostle writes a special Confirmation Letter to the young brethren in faith on this occasion. We wish all our confirmands much joy and blessing!

We refer our German-speaking readers to the comprehensive Article on the subject of confirmation, which was published in our church magazine "Unsere Familie."

4 April 2004