New District Apostle Helpers for Zambia and Malawi

Brussels. The fourth Sunday of Advent led Chief Apostle Richard Fehr to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where he conducted a festive divine service for approximately 500 brothers and sisters. The actual congregation was much larger, however, since more than 18,000 additional souls were connected through satellite technology. In this divine service the chief apostle ordained two apostles for Zambia and Malawi and also commissioned two district apostle helpers to support their District Apostle Duncan Mfune.

Apostles Arnold Mhango (46) from Malawi and Robert Nsamba (41) from Zambia will now support their district apostle as district apostle helpers. Michael Milupi (46) from Zambia and Alexon Nyaleye (50) from Malawi received the apostle ministry. Over one million New Apostolic Christians live in Zambia alone, while in Malawi there are 160,000—and these figures are growing steadily.

Chief Apostle Fehr served with a word from Ephesians 4:23: "And be renewed in the spirit of your mind." With regard to this, the Chief Apostle said: "Let us be aware that the renewal of our mind and spirit is a lifelong task."

31 December 2003