District Apostle Michael Kraus: A quite exceptional servant of God entered into eternity!

Zurich. On Sunday, November 16, District Apostle Michael Kraus, retired since December 1994, passed away peacefully at the blessed age of 95 years. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr: "A quite exceptional servant of God now entered into eternity after a full life."

For 36 years Michael Kraus was district apostle for Canada, the USA and many other parts of the world. During 61 years he untiringly served the Lord. The chief apostle: "We can rightly say that the retired District Apostle Michael Kraus was the Apostle Paul of the 20th century. Under his activity more than 70 mission countries were opened and the number of children of God in these areas increased to more than 4 million members until his retirement in 1994. The enormous efforts involved in this development is obvious in the thousands of churches that had to be built in these countries."

The chief apostle will conduct the funeral service on Sunday, 23. More details are published on the homepage of the New Apostolic Church Canada:

19 November 2003