Death of District Apostle Erwin Wagner

Kitchener/Zurich. Friday, September 20, 2002 will remain a sad memory for the members of the New Apostolic congregations in North America: after a lengthy illness, which he bore with great patience, their long-standing District Apostle Wagner passed away at the age of 73.

It was just in April 2002 that Chief Apostle Fehr had retired him from active service in a poignant divine service, after he had placed all his vigour into the service of the Lord while serving for 54 years as a minister in the New Apostolic Church, eight years of which as District Apostle for the church in North America.

"For all of us, our faithful friend has left us far to soon and has gone home in accordance with the will of our heavenly Father", Chief Apostle Fehr wrote in a letter announcing the District Apostle's passing. He described the District Apostle as a "pillar of the Apostolate".

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife Rose and his large family!

From the biography of Erwin Wagner:

District Apostle Erwin Wagner06/06/1929: born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
06/13/1948: ordained as Sub-Deacon
03/26/1972: ordained as Apostle
12/04/1994: ordained as District Apostle
04/14/2002: retired

Chief Apostle Fehr will conduct the funeral on October 1, 2002 in the Kitchener church.


26 September 2002