Our condolences embrace all the bereaved

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church wishes to express its condolences to all those that are aggrieved as a result of the atrocious events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

  • We pray for the victims that had to lose their lives in such a tragic manner.
  • We pray in heartfelt sympathy for the bereaved as they mourn the loss of loved ones.
  • We pray in hope with all those who are still awaiting a sign of life from the many that are missing.
  • We mourn together with the entire American people.

In such moments of utter despair when we are at a loss for words, we hope upon the grace and mercy of God. We will pray that peace shall be strengthened around the world as a result of this catastrophe.

Serenity should enter into our souls. At the same time, may the strength of our faith help us to find a way out of the darkness of these horrible memories.

Zurich, September 14, 2001

PS: We will give a report about Chief Apostle Richard Fehr's planned trip to the USA next week.

14 September 2001