Internet to replace satellites

The European District Apostle Meeting has resolved to usher in a technological change for divine service transmissions in the region. This has resulted in both savings and an extended range of options and opportunities.

The concept envisages that the Bischoff Verlag, the publishing company owned by the Church, will broadcast exclusively by internet starting in 2022. Over the past 30 years or more, the majority of its divine service transmissions have been effected using satellite technology.

In place of the previous outside broadcast vehicle, the Bischoff Publishers will in future have three fully equipped IPTV broadcast vehicles available to them. This decentralisation will allow for simultaneous deployment at multiple locations and allow for increased broadcasts between and within districts, in addition to global transmissions and broadcasts throughout individual Local Churches.

Reception of these transmissions will be controlled by way of an IPTV portal, access to which will be managed by the congregations themselves. In this way, congregations equipped with their own cameras can also offer transmissions to members who cannot attend the divine services in person. Up to now, it had only been possible to organise such a thing by telephone.

Despite these expanded capabilities, the fixed costs charged to the Churches by the publishers will actually be reduced by more than 30 per cent: on the one hand, internet transmissions cost less than satellite transmissions. On the other hand, there will also be savings in terms of permanent staff and office space. Last but not least, the maximum number of translations will be reduced from twenty-four to twelve languages.

According to the Bischoff Publishers, the new concept will also offer some relief to the Churches outside of Europe. Digital streams and video data can be transferred to local infrastructure—such as television broadcasters—more easily by internet than from satellite links and ground stations.

In view of the resonance from members during the coronavirus crisis, divine services will continue to be broadcast regularly, free to air, even after the pandemic is past. Until further notice, public streaming will continue via the corresponding YouTube channels.


For further information please visit, the news website of the New Apostolic Church International.

24 April 2021