In good and bad days

No one is forgotten by God. He knows our thoughts. He is aware of our problems and shares in our pain. Let’s trust Him: He will help us.

I would like to address this message of the Holy Spirit ­especially to those who are going through difficulties and af­flictions. Many brothers and sisters have to live with illnesses, others have lost a loved one, still others are struggling with problems at work, in their families, or in their relationships. And then there are those who have financial problems.
I would also like to address this message to those who are on the other side. Those who experience many beautiful things. Those who are happy and cheerful. Maybe they are a little ashamed that they do not have any problems. They experience the blessing and presence of God. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Jesus shares your joy. Thank Him in an appropriate manner and enjoy the blessing God has given you.

From a divine service by the Chief Apostle

July 2023