Means to an end: finances

The New Apostolic Church does not levy any church taxes or other obligatory contributions, but is rather financed by the voluntary donations of its members. Donations can be placed anonymously into the offering boxes in the local congregations or transferred to an account of the Church.

By far the largest portion of revenues are applied to the construction and maintenance of church buildings and thus directly benefit the local congregations. The Church endeavours to manage with as small an administrative staff as possible. The funds are applied exclusively to the execution of Church-related projects. Revenues and expenditures are audited by external professionals.

Pastoral and organisational duties in the congregations and districts are performed on a voluntary basis. Where such commitments necessarily become a fulltime activity—for example, at the level of the Apostle ministry—they become paid positions.

All acts and blessings that are dispensed in the Church, such as baptisms, wedding blessings, or funerals are performed free of charge.