Fostering fellowship

“Feed My lambs. Feed My sheep.” The mission that Jesus Christ gave to Apostle Peter is still valid today in the age of globalisation. The Chief Apostle, as the foremost pastoral authority of the New Apostolic Church, regularly undertakes pastoral trips around the world. He celebrates divine services, visits congregations, and consults with the regional Church leaders. Following are his planned trips for the coming weeks:

May 2024

03.05.2024 Cuando Cubango (Angola)
05.05.2024 Luanda (Angola)
12.05.2024 Borkum (Germany)
15.05.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
19.05.2024 Luzern (Switzerland)
31.05.2024 Dili (East Timor)

June 2024

02.06.2024 Dili (East Timor)
04.06.2024 Denpasar (Indonesia)
07.06.2024 to be determined (Papua New Guinea)
09.06.2024 to be determined (Papua New Guinea)
23.06.2024 Niederrhein (Germany)
28.06.2024 Harare (Zimbabwe)
30.06.2024 Mzuzu (Malawi)