The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church

8.3.6 The proper dispensation of Holy Sealing

As the water in Holy Baptism and the bread and wine in Holy Communion, the gesture of laying on of hands of the Apostle is–according to the testimony of the New Testament–the visible element in Holy Sealing. The prayer of the Apostle is also part of the proper dispensation of this sacrament.

The sacrament of Holy Sealing, the baptism of the Spirit, is exclusively dispensed by Apostles.


In Holy Sealing believers receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. (8.3)

The descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus occurred after His baptism was complete. The anointing of Jesus with the Holy Spirit is a legitimation of His Messiahship and a reference to the sacrament of Holy Sealing. (8.3.3)

The sending of the Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus, was fulfilled on Pentecost. (8.3.4)

According to the testimony of Scripture, Holy Sealing is bound to the Apostle ministry. (8.3.5)

The gift of the Holy Spirit was only dispensed after baptism with water had been performed. (8.3.5)

The sacrament of Holy Sealing is dispensed exclusively by Apostles through the gesture of laying on of hands and a prayer. (8.3.6)