Poster campaign 2024: “There’s a place for you here too”

Since 2015 members of the New Apostolic Church have been smiling at passers-by from display cases outside our churches. Since the beginning of 2022, things are different: members of the Church are still pictured, but only as silhouettes. The idea is that passers-by see: the silhouette can be filled in by you; you are invited to come in and take your place. It underlines the motto of the series: “There’s a place for you here too”.

You will find more about the creation of the current poster series in this background report.

The poster series of recent years:

  • 2022 and 2023: “There’s a place for you here too”
  • 2021: “I do my part"
  • 2020: “Here I am”
  • 2019: “I am rich”
  • 2018: “I love Jesus…”
  • 2017: “I thank God”
  • 2016: “I manage to ... with Christ.”
  • 2015: “I rejoice because...”
  • 2014: “I am New Apostolic because my faith needs a home!”
  • 2013: Our divine services
  • 2012: Take God with you!
  • 2011: Bible quotes
  • 2010: What God does for me