Poster series 2021: “I do my part”

It is the people who bring the faith and the church to life and give it a face. Who are the men and women in the New Apostolic Church? What motivates them? Answers to these questions are provided every year by a new series of posters, which alternate on a monthly basis and depict New Apostolic Christians with their personal message. In 2021 the theme is “I do my part” and will focus on how the members involve themselves in their congregations.

You will find more about the creation of the current poster series in this background report.

The poster series of recent years:

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  • 2019: “I am rich”
  • 2018: “I love Jesus…”
  • 2017: “I thank God”
  • 2016: “I manage to ... with Christ.”
  • 2015: “I rejoice because...”
  • 2014: “I am New Apostolic because my faith needs a home!”
  • 2013: Our divine services
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