Up to date: the websites

The New Apostolic Church International has two websites? That’s right, that is part of the concept because the Church is as much a formal organisation as it is a living community of believers. And both are to be visible.

nak.org: the official bulletin

nak.org has been the official website of the New Apostolic Church since 1997. It publishes official statements, doctrinal texts, and other authoritative information. Its task is to communicate the relevant contents of the international Church leadership as required. The information is published in English, French, German, and Spanish.

To view the most recent nak.org , bulletin, please click here.

nac.today: the news magazine

nac.today was launched as the news magazine of the New Apostolic Church International in 2015. With reports from all around the world, it presents New Apostolic Christians and other interested readers with many interesting and useful facts on six days a week. Its mission is also to bring the lives of the Church members closer together and thereby promote the unity of the Church. The magazine clarifies subject matter and explains the background.

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The international team

nak.org and nac.today are being maintained by a small team of editors and translators from Germany, France, Argentina, and Canada, who are supported by the correspondents from the District Apostle Areas around the world.