New Apostolic Church from A to Z

Original sin

Original sin is the condition of separation from God (remoteness from God) that came into being through the fall into sin. Since the fall into sin, sin has weighed upon all human beings (Genesis 3: 20; Psalm 51: 5 and Romans 5: 12, 18–19). Every human being is thus a sinner even before he is capable of acting or thinking.  



We understand ordination to be the investiture of a spiritual ministry. It is not a sacrament, but an act of blessing. During the ordination the blessing of God is imparted. The individual who has been called to ministry receives sanctification for this ministry. The corresponding ministerial authority is imparted by the Apostle ministry, be it for the diaconal or priestly ministry or that of an Apostle. The minister receives the mandate to discharge his ministry within a defined scope.


Organ transplants

By means of transplantation the diseased tissue or organs are replaced by the transfer of healthy tissue or organs from a donor. From the perspective of the New Apostolic doctrine there are no objections to the transplantation of tissue or organs from deceased or living donors. Transplantation has no effect on the soul. Spiritual characteristics of the donor are not transferred to the recipient by way of the transplantation.


Obligation of confidentiality

Every minister is subject to the obligation of confidentiality. It covers all information and processes entrusted to him in the course of his church or pastoral activities. The duty of confidentiality is not limited and continues to be in effect even after the ministerial activity is terminated.