Church institutions at work

Basic care, communications, and social commitment: these are the areas in which the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) and the Local Churches around the world work together to operate numerous institutions.

Administration and supply

The NACI Administration works together with the Chief Apostle and the District Apostle Meeting. It has its headquarters in Zurich in Switzerland. It is here that pastoral trips are organised, meetings are prepared, and the support of financially weaker Local Churches is coordinated with financially stronger Local Churches, among other things.

NACI also oversees the Church’s publishing house, which is known as the Bischoff Verlag , located near Frankfurt in Germany. This institution is responsible for creating the Church’s media products—such as the news portal and the member magazine community—coordinating the development of the preaching aid known as the Divine Service Guide, and organising satellite transmissions for special divine services.

The wafer bakeries operated by various District Churche, take care of an elementary need for church services. The oldest of these bakeries has existed since 1931 in Bielefeld in Germany. In the 2000s, similar facilities were also established in Cape Town in South Africa and in Lusaka in Zambia.

The offices of Bischoff Publishers are here in Neu-Isenburg (Germany) The offices of Bischoff Publishers are here in Neu-Isenburg (Germany)
The childcare centre in Rezeni in Modova The childcare centre in Rezeni in Modova

Schools and kindergartens

The Church’s charitable commitment serves a greater purpose than merely taking care of its own needs. In accordance with Jesus Christ’s commandment to love one’s neighbour, the New Apostolic Church is also active in many ways in a social and humanitarian capacity.

On a social level, the Local Churches primarily offer assistance in the area of education. Some of them maintain their own schools. The oldest of these facilities, namely the Escola Nova Apostólica, was opened in Portugal in 1985. Since then, other schools have also come into being in India, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zambia.

Kindergartens have likewise been established in Germany, Romania, and Moldova.

Aid organisations and care facilities

Other institutions operated by the Church include nursing homes and care facilities. These range from a seniors’ centre in Germany to hospices in Zambia and South Sudan, and even the construction of a children’s home in Romania.

There is a special focus on humanitarian aid. There are currently over a dozen New Apostolic aid organisations . They operate from Europe, North and South America, South-East Asia, and Africa, and are involved in projects around the world. They not only deliver urgent aid in emergency situations, but above all provide sustainable help to allow those affected to help themselves.

The Church in Suriname maintains a day care centre and a parish hall. The Church in Suriname maintains a day care centre and a parish hall.