Apostel Ndangu Shagisomo † (Foto: NAKI)

Apostle Ngandu Shagisomo has passed away

Apostel Ndangu Shagisomo † (Foto: NAKI)

Zurich. As Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider relates, Apostle Celestin Ngandu Shagisomo was called home unexpectedly by our heavenly Father last Wednesday, 6 November 2013 at the age of 61. His District Apostle Michael Deppner relates that, while on a trip, the Apostle fell from the rear of a truck owing to a dizzy spell, and subsequently struck the pavement. The fall was fatal, and doctors were no longer able to help him.

Apostle Ngandu worked in Mayele, Gungu in the Congolese province of Bandundu. He was born on 31 December 1952 in Kitombe and was baptised and sealed in 1982. In September 1982 he received his first ministry as a Sub-deacon. As of 1995 he served as a Bishop until Chief Apostle Richard Fehr ordained him an Apostle on 10 August 2003. District Apostle Deppner states that Apostle Ngandu was a tireless worker who served in love, humbleness, and uprightness in the congregations.

Great dedication to young people and children

He was well known for his great dedication to young people and children. During his time in ministry as a Bishop and Apostle, and under his leadership and with his help, his working area grew so greatly that it became possible to establish a new Apostle district.

The departed Apostle is survived by his wife, five sons, and four daughters. Concerning this, Chief Apostle Schneider writes: “We pray for comfort and strength for his family and God’s children, and unite ourselves with them in spirit.”

12 November 2013