Taifun Bopha, stärker als der Hurrikan Sandy (Foto: NAC SEAsia)

Taifun Bopha: New Apostolic members homeless for Christmas

Manila/Zurich. Priest Chris Ronquillo from Manila office visited the affected area to assist in food distribution and assessing the situation. 1000 New Apostolic brothers and sisters will have a Christmas without home. In Barrio Hologon in Negros Oriental the class room for the elementary school children was lost.

Let the pictures speak:  not much is left of their chapels rendering also congregations homeless.  The Mission Foundation of the New Aostolic Church Switzerland has pledged help. NACSEARelief is working out plans to help and reconstruct. “nak-humanitas” of Austria is planning to assist the rebuilding but now with massive material to prevent future damage by natural forces.

District Apostle Urs Hebeisen: "We are thankful for all your prayers. May the light of Christmas also shine in these regions of fear an chaos."

19 December 2012