Papua-Neuguinea (© NAC Australia)

Another Apostle ordained in Papua-New Guinea

Papua-Neuguinea (© NAC Australia)

Zurich/Port Moresby. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, who undertook his last major overseas trip of the year to Papua-New Guinea, was very impressed with the country and its people. The Christians in the country are very believing. The New Apostolic Church on this third-largest island state in the world is also growing steadily. So it was that the Chief Apostle ordained Zuhuke Hungito as the country’s third Apostle during last Sunday’s divine service in Lae.  

There is quite a positive development in Papua-New Guinea, noted Chief Apostle Leber as he described the status of the New Apostolic Church in the region. There are over 96,000 Church members in the country. Due to the impassibility of the terrain, the road network is poorly developed, and boats are the primary means of transportation in the interior of the country. Serving the various congregations in the nation is thus very time-consuming for the Apostles. It is for this reason that District Apostle Andrew Andersen (Australia), who is responsible for the administrative work of the Church in Papua-New Guinea, proposed the ordination of a third Apostle to the Chief Apostle in order to improve the level of care provided to members. As a result, the hitherto Bishop Zuhuke Hungito (52) was ordained an Apostle in last Sunday’s divine service in the city of Lae, which was attended by some 4,000 members and guests.

Divine service in Maprik

Already the day before—on Saturday, 10 December—Chief Apostle Leber conducted an open-air divine service in Maprik, which lies in the north of the country. The brief excursion to this location was partially facilitated by helicopter. Approximately 18,000 members gathered around the landing area upon his arrival and joyfully took part in the divine service.

Papua-New Guinea is served by the District Church of Australia.

16 December 2011