Der Zyklon Yasi trifft auf Queensland (© dpa)

Natural disasters in Australia: first a flood, then a storm

Der Zyklon Yasi trifft auf Queensland (© dpa)

Brisbane. In a letter addressed to the Chief Apostle, District Apostle Andrew Andersen reports on the terrible natural disasters that have recently struck Australia: “Three weeks ago we had serious flooding in the southern part of the state of Queensland … and this morning a super cyclone struck the northern part of Queensland.” The letter also expresses his gratitude to all brethren in faith around the world for their many prayers.

The flood of the century, which struck the Australian state of Queensland a few weeks ago, was quite extensive. There was nothing but water to be seen covering the approximately 700 kilometres from Brisbane to Queensland. It is with this description that Australia’s District Apostle Andersen begins his letter to Chief Apostle Leber. “Early this morning a super cyclone struck the northern part of Queensland. The cyclone affected an area 1,000 kilometres wide as it came across the Pacific Ocean and crossed the coast. Incredibly, the damage has not been anywhere near what the authorities expected, and we are very thankful for that,” relates District Apostle Andersen. He goes on to write: “We have checked with as many of our brethren as we can reach (naturally communications are still difficult in this area as power and phones have been disrupted) and we are quite confident that no one has been harmed or lost any property. We hope and pray this remains the case.”

District Apostle Andrew Andersen closes his letter with the following words of thanks: “We are all very grateful to our brothers and sisters around the globe for their prayers.”


Super cyclone “Yasi” is the largest tropical storm ever recorded to have crossed the Pacific Ocean. The storm struck the Australian mainland with a wind velocity of approximately 320 kilometres per hour. In some regions it also produced rainfall on the order of 700 millimetres!

3 February 2011