Fotonachweis: Getty Images

New Apostolic families in Pakistan have also been affected

Fotonachweis: Getty Images

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church in Pakistan numbers some 200,000 members, many of whom have been affected by the flooding catastrophe in their country. Over one hundred families have lost everything they own. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber has informed all the District Apostles around the world about these figures and has asked them to help pray for all the people in the region.

District Apostle Helper John Sobottka from Canada is responsible for coordinating the work of the New Apostolic Church in Pakistan. According to initial reports, not only New Apostolic families but also New Apostolic Church buildings have been affected by the disaster. District Apostle Helper Sobottka reports the following initial figures: one hundred three families have lost everything, while another 316 families have managed to retain only few of their belongings. Twenty-nine church buildings have been completely destroyed, while another fifteen have been seriously damaged. Chief Apostle Leber states the following concerning the news: “We as a Church are only able to provide a limited amount of help on the ground on account of the currently prevailing local circumstances. At the moment, all our efforts are therefore focused on helping the large aid organisations in the country as well as the army.” NAK-karitativ, the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church in Germany, is already working in cooperation with trustworthy local aid organisations.

A great deal of suffering has come over the people of Pakistan, and it will still take a long time before we even know the full scope of the damage. Chief Apostle Leber goes on to add: “We must not forget these people in our prayers!"

27 August 2010