Apostles’ Council 1851: No Agreement to Restore the Twelvefold Unity of Apostles

Zurich. In the previous article of this series we have looked at Apostle Carlyle’s views of the work to be done by apostles in the future. On 4 April 1851 he lectured to the faithful at Buchwaeldchen (Silesia) on these hopes, but also utters his concern regarding the state the work of apostles has reached. He appeals to the believers “to pray incessantly that their number may be completed – for one of the Apostles has become unfaithful – that they may all become fully active, that they may become of one mind in all things, that they receive their full ability to fulfil God’s plan towards the Church.”

Following this, he travels to Albury to take part in a council of apostles summoned there for Pentecost because two apostles asked for it. We may suppose that Carlyle was one of the two who took this initiative, for he quite obviously hopes for some sort of agreement on how to fill up the number of apostles to twelve – which was at that time considered necessary to enable the apostles to act together as a college of apostles and eventually to be sent out in power as originally expected.

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22 August 2007