Pentecost service 2007: Opening Hymn

126: Holy Spirit, teach Thou me

Holy Spirit, teach Thou me; source of wisdom and all knowledge. Jesus, I alone thro’ Thee, Lord and Saviour do acknowledge: Only Thou canst guide and teach me and to life eternal lead me.

Holy Ghost, confirm my heart and give light upon my pathway that from Thee I do not part and in darkness from thy path stray. On the godly way conduct us and in truth and grace instruct us.

Sanctify and purify, my life to Thee dedicated. Blessed peace I find in Thee, wisdom, truth, by Thee created. God presented gifts from heaven; love and grace to me is given.

What I lack I find in Thee. Only in Thee is salvation. Lord, make Thy abode in me; thus make me a new creation. Let now Thy godly strength be mine, then all my works will be like Thine.

Words: Samuel Gottlieb Bürde (1753-1831) / Melody: Johann Rudolf Ahle (1635-1673)

15 May 2007