New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony" (Part 5)

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony". On 20 December the last of five articles appears in the German edition of the official church periodical "Unsere Familie". Here we will publish important source material and annotated versions of the articles in English, distributed by the Working Group History of the New Apostolic Church.

The fifth part

In this final article of our series on the Great Testimony, we look at the use the New Apostolic Church made of the document. Special attention is given to a heavily edited reprint of a German translation which was published by Friedrich Bischoff, the Church’s publishing house, in 1932. In the concluding paragraphs we state our position regarding the reproach that the Great Testimony was faked by the New Apostolic Church.

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Additional remark: This article refers to the way the Testimony was edited by the New Apostolic Church in Germany. A synopsis of the NAC edition and the original edition is available in German only. Will readers of German kindly look at the German version of this website.

Article 5: The Use made of the Great Testimony in the New Apostolic Church

20 December 2006