New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony" (Part 3)

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church publishes a series of articles on the "Testimony". On 20 October the third of five articles appears in the German edition of the official church periodical "Unsere Familie". Here we will publish important source material and annotated versions of the articles in English, distributed by the Working Group History of the New Apostolic Church.

The third part

In this article on the Great Testimony we sum up some more teachings contained in that document. The authors of the Great Testimony believe that in baptism the Holy Spirit is given for regeneration. They expect a future dispensing of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of apostles’ hands. This is defined as a complement and “confirmation” of water baptism.

It is an open question if the apostle ministry is to continue until the return of Christ or if it is considered an unrepeatable end-time event which will take place shortly before that return.

The doctrine of the four-fold ministry is based on a particular interpretation of Ephesians 4.11 combined with typological interpretations of other biblical passages.

After the death of the first apostles the remaining ministries act in diminished strength. At some future date their bearers will have to decide if they want to follow the apostles or become ministers of Antichrist.

Before that time arrives, a church “not having spot, or wrinkle”, able to resist Antichrist, is to be erected through apostles. It will be the refuge in the time of the great tribulation. The bishops are called upon then to lead their flocks into it. The statements about the time of the end are open to interpretation.

Faithful Christians are advised to practise obedience towards existing authorities, even if those authorities sap the foundations of their rule by acknowledging the doctrine of the sovereignty of the people. The expected overthrow of all existing authorities will be accomplished by the followers of Antichrist.


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Article 3: The Great Testimony

20 October 2006