The New Apostolic Church International has a new administrative director

Zurich. The New Apostolic Church’s international administration in Zurich has received a new director: Erich Senn (48) will take over the post of Peter Angst, who will retire at the age of 65. Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber welcomed the new director with the words: “You are taking on a very demanding task.” The Church leader went on to explain that NACI is not just a name, but rather represents the enormous pastoral and administrative efforts of the New Apostolic Church on an international level.

Erich Senn comes from Aarau, Switzerland. Having studied engineering, he was last employed as managing director of a large Swiss joint-stock company. He lived five years in the United States where he acquired his Master of Science and served as General Manager of an American subsidiary in Los Angeles.

Peter Angst has been the director of the Church’s international administration for eight years. He is a renowned authority in strategic planning, which he would often bring to bear in the discussions of the District Apostle Meetings. As chairman of the Church’s “Financial Strategies” Project Group he was also responsible for developing various financial strategies of the Church. Chief Apostle Leber, the international Church president, gave him a glowing testimonial, stating that Peter Angst had placed great value upon cooperation and consultative discussion. The Chief Apostle described him as a man with an ability to get things done, who had always found new ways of doing things while still maintaining proven strategies.

Peter Angst will continue to work as a senior consultant in the Church’s financial strategy. Parallel to his professional activities he also works in an honorary capacity as a District Evangelist in the Church district of Uster, Switzerland.

1 June 2006