Easter Sunday in Nairobi: Peace to you!

Nairobi. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr spent Easter weekend in the East African country of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The last time a chief apostle had conducted a divine service in Africa for Easter was 14 years ago.

Of the approximately 30 million people living in Kenya, a good 1.2 million belong to the New Apostolic Church. In a festive divine service on Easter Sunday the chief apostle retired Apostle Daniel Njuguna, who had been active for many years. In addition he ordained 9 apostles and 21 bishops for Kenya and Tanzania.

Apostle Daniel Njuguna (68) is among the pioneers of the New Apostolic Church in Kenya. In 1977 he received the deacon ministry, and five years later he was ordained apostle. He was also actively involved in the development of the church in Uganda. In his festive retirement address, the chief apostle acknowledged Apostle Njuguna's big, loving, and God-fearing heart.

At the end of the divine service, 8 men from Kenya received the apostle ministry, and another will henceforth serve as apostle for Tanzania. Likewise, 20 new bishops were ordained to serve in the church in Kenya, while an additional bishop will serve in Tanzania.

This eventful divine service took place in Nairobi's Central church. Some 1,300 brethren in faith attended in person, however the service was also broadcast throughout the country by radio. For the service the chief apostle cited a text from the Holy Scriptures: "Peace to you" (John 20:21), mentioning that the Christian holidays throughout the year could be associated with various concepts. Christmas stands for joy, Good Friday for victory, Easter for peace, Ascension for triumph, and Pentecost for Spirit and life. The peace of the Risen One is one of the most valuable possessions, said the chief apostle.

16 April 2004