Apostel Bonifacio Afonso Semba

Mozambique: Apostle Semba has passed away

Apostel Bonifacio Afonso Semba

Zurich. He was a reliable minister in restless times, writes the Chief Apostle in his obituary letter. Apostle Bonifacio Alfonso Semba died of cancer at the age of only 64.

“On Wednesday, 20 January 2021 our friend and Apostle Bonifacio Alfonso Semba was called into the beyond by our heavenly Father,” writes Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in an obituary letter notifying the Apostles around the world. He passed away in a rural hospital in Mocuba, Mozambique. District Apostle John Kriel, who is also responsible for the New Apostolic Church in Mozambique, will not be able to perform the funeral on account of the restrictions resulting from the current pandemic. In his place, Apostle Agostinho Dzimba will conduct the funeral in our church in Mocuba.

From this life…

Apostle Semba was born in Mozambique on 7 March 1956. He became acquainted with the New Apostolic Church some 30 years ago, and began to attend the divine services from that point onward. As he later related, the word of God touched his heart deeply. On 23 June 1991 he was sealed, and ten months later he was ordained to the Priest ministry. This was followed by other ordinations into further ministerial levels over the ensuing years. In September 2000, Chief Apostle Richard Fehr ordained him to the Apostle ministry.

In his obituary, Chief Apostle Schneider describes him as a respected personage. In the troubled times when the region was ravaged by militias, Apostle Semba was a reliable minister. District Apostle Helper Patrick Mkhwanazi describes the Apostle as a minister with a deep and genuine love for God. No task was too much for him, nor was any journey too great, when it came to serving the people of God. “He was the epitome of a frontline worker!”

… into a new life

Apostle Bonifacio Afonso Semba is survived by his wife Ana, two sons, and one daughter. Concerning this, the Chief Apostle writes: “We gladly join in heartfelt and sincere intercessions for the loved ones our Apostle leaves behind—especially for his wife and children, as well as all others who are now in mourning. May our dear heavenly Father grant them much comfort, strength, and confidence in these difficult hours of parting.”

25 January 2021