Prayer works!

Regardless of what we go through, there is a source of strength that is often underestimated: our personal prayer! We can be confident that our prayers are heard and will have an effect. And that is our motto for 2024: Prayer works!

As always, our example in this is Jesus Christ. He had intim­ate conversations with His Father. He prayed for His own and still intercedes for us today. His prayers are just as effect­ive today. This gives us comfort and confidence also for the coming year.  
What are the effects of prayer?

  • Prayer makes us grateful.
  • Prayer makes us compassionate.
  • Prayer makes us strong.
  • Prayer sanctifies us.
  • Prayer unites us.

In order for our prayer to be effective, we should pray as Jesus teaches us.
On the one hand, we should pray always and sincerely. On the other hand, we should ask in the name of Jesus, meaning that we should focus on our eternal salvation.  

Let us also pray collectively in the congregation, in our families, and as a couple.

January 2024