Underway with God: acts of blessing

For New Apostolic Christians, going through life with God also includes special blessings when embarking on certain stages in life. In addition to dispensing the sacraments, Apostles and Priests are authorised to also perform these acts .

During the dispensation of the blessing, God turns to sincerely longing souls. Blessing does not necessarily mean that circumstances will change, but God assures the believers of His help, grace, and compassion. A model of such a blessing is the Aaronic blessing found in Numbers 6: “The Lord bless you and keep you.

Dispensing acts of blessing

The New Apostolic Church knows the followingacts of blessing to accompany the believers through life:

Theprenatal blessingis dispensed as the first visible act of God upon a human being at the request of the mother. It strengthens the mother and imparts the certainty that both she and her child are secure in the hand of God.

Atconfirmation, adolescents take responsibility before God for their actions as Christians. They profess their faith in the triune God and declare their will to live their lives according to His standards. They receive a blessing to strengthen them in their endeavours, which is dispensed through laying on of hands

Engagementis the serious commitment of two people to each other. The couple declares their intent to prepare for marriage in a manner that is pleasing to God before the congregation and then receives a blessing upon this.

In thewedding ceremony, the marriage is placed under God’s blessing. The church wedding must be preceded by a civil or traditional marriage ceremony. The partners pledge before God and the congregation to stand by each other in faithfulness in all circumstances and to walk the path of life together in love. The blessing is intended to help them keep this vow.

On request, couples can receive a blessing on traditionalwedding anniversaries beyond the 24th year. God’s blessing is once again placed upon the matrimonial bond and the couple is commended to God’s continuing care and guidance.

Celebration in the divine service

These acts are, as a rule, performed during the divine service, with exception of the prenatal blessing. The dedication of church buildings and the adoption of believers into the congregation who were baptised in another denomination are also considered acts of blessing.


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