Locally based, globally active: the structure

The New Apostolic Church consists of legally independent Local Churches which, under the umbrella of the New Apostolic Church International, comprise a doctrinally uniform, globally active denomination.

The global Church

At the head of the global Church is the Chief Apostle. He is the highest spiritual authority. His closest collaborators are the District Apostles. Their area of responsibility, namely the District Apostle Area, incorporates one or more Local Churches. Among other things, they are responsible for church construction and financial administration, as well as the pastoral care of the Church’s members and the spiritual training of the ministers.

The national Churches

In a legal sense, the Regional Churches are the building blocks of the global Church. Most often, they incorporate the entire territory of a state, but sometimes only a part of it. Their legal form is dependent on the legal conditions of the respective country. Details are regulated, for example, by the national constitutions, which the Regional Churches decree themselves.

The regional Churches

The District Apostle Districts, or Local Churches, are structured into Apostle districts. The duty of the Apostles is primarily to proclaim the gospel, dispense the sacraments, and ordain ministers. However, they also have administrative duties.

The local Churches

The Apostle districts are subdivided into church districts, which in turn consist of several congregations. This level is legally dependent on the Local Churches. However, it is the district rectors and congregational rectors who are responsible for the organisation of all practical local operations, in line with previously defined instructions and specifications.