He will never amount to anything…

Many a saddened teacher has perhaps secretly had this thought about a student. All efforts to help equip him for life seemed to have been in vain.

The teacher’s joy is all the greater when he later learns that something has become of the student after all, and that the student is now very successful. The seed that the teacher sowed has brought forth fruit after all!

It is the same in our life of faith: often we are unable to recognise any results of our actions. Perhaps the seed has indeed fallen upon infertile soil, but it may also be that it simply needs a little more time and patience to germinate. Or perhaps it has already happened, only we cannot see it yet. When we align our lives by the gospel, serve the Lord, and talk about our faith, we sow a good seed. If it has fallen upon fertile soil, God will take action and cause it to germinate in the hearts of our fellow human being, such that it can bring forth fruit. How great our joy will be then!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle

November 2020