nacworld in review: 2010 was a successful year

Zurich.  Sixteen thousand new members logged on to the online community of the New Apostolic Church over the past twelve months. The growth over the space of a single year: 160 percent. Thousands of nacworld members are active in the over 9,000 forums, communicating with one another about their faith and other daily matters. Every month, nacworld members around the world write each other over 100,000 news updates, blog in the thousands, and chat across all national borders.

Since the community was opened to members of all age groups in May 2010, it has attracted children, young people, middle aged people, and seniors alike. In over 150 countries, New Apostolic Christians write, read, and listen through nacworld. And age is of no significance in the process: the youngest nacworld member has just turned 7, while the eldest is already 83 years of age. Nacworld members under 14 years of age are protected by a special guardian programme.

Approximately 36.9 million hits

With nearly 37 million page views in 2010, nacworld is one of the most frequently visited sites within the New Apostolic Church. From a network originally established for the European Youth Day 2009 under the sponsorship of the New Apostolic Church, an international network has developed.

One of the newer functions available is the formation of “private groups”, by way of which nacworld now also offers a communications base for those who only wish to reveal the content of their messages to a specific group of participants. Work Groups and Project Groups, youth groups, families, and many other groups thereby find the oft-sought privacy they need. Automated monitoring of text and media in these groups assures the necessary protection of their members.

“Pray for”

In addition to the familiar “like” button of other networks, nacworld members express comfort and prayerful support for one another using the “pray for” button. In the various forums and through blogs, members also exchange experiences of faith and talk about their answered prayers.

No costs, no ads

In contrast to competing social networks, nacworld has no advertising or commercial applications. There are no commercial interests and thus there is naturally no forwarding of personal data or member addresses to third-party businesses either. Beyond that, search engines have no access to member content or profile information. Use is free of charge. There is no financing through advertising or sponsoring, there are no membership fees or other fee-based service enhancements.

Uncomplicated registration

The only prerequisite for registering with nacworld is the submission of one’s real name, birth date, and gender, in addition to an active e-mail address. All members have the exact same functions at their disposal: they can create their own profile pages, visit the pages of other members, and communicate with them.

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3 January 2011